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Dye Sublimation

United Support Solutions-LMT, Inc. can also provide decorative wood grain effects to products by a sublimation process. Using pressure and heat combined with this two-step process produces wood grain finishes.


In the first step, products are powder-coated the same way that our regular parts are, except that special powdered paint designed for dye sublimation is used. The second step is dye sublimation.


Once the parts are powder-coated, they are loaded onto fixtures on the surface of a trolley table. A pre-printed transfer film is laid on top of the parts. The trolley is placed within a specialized oven where the transfer film is heated slightly to make it flexible enough to conform to the 3D shape of the parts. An integrated vacuum suction system removes the air between the film and the parts.


With the trolley still inside the specialized oven, ink pigments in the transfer film are converted from a solid, into a gas, and back again to a solid within the powder-coated paint layer. This process takes about 10 minutes. In the last step of the powder-coat process, the film is removed upon cooling, leaving a decorated part that is protected against factors such as weather, corrosion, abrasion, UV light, and humidity.


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